More Than a Grocery

Along with providing great customer service, we are pleased to be your Main Street Grocery in Polk. We stock the basics that you will need for daily meals and snacks including fresh dairy, breads, produce, snacks, pop, and more!

We also carry a selection of quality fresh-cut meats that we are very proud of.

Fresh Cut Meats

Cut daily, our prime rib, roasts, steaks, sirloins, and ground chuck are cut and wrapped in-house with no preservatives. Your meat is the freshest it can be when it comes from our store. We also offer fresh cut pork, chicken, and turkey.

Smokehouse Meats

Looking for something different? We offer beef sticks, kielbasa, ring bologna, jerky, ham, and ham loaf.

Stop in and try our homemade sausages. We offer three types to fit any recipe or taste: mild, hot or sweet.

Hot Food Daily

We offer a daily selection of hot foods. Too tired to cook? No problem! Stop in and take home (or eat in) a hot sandwich or meal. Selections vary daily. Call us at (814) 432-5558 for today’s hot food items.

Live Music Saturdays

From September thru May, we offer live music on select Saturdays starting at 7 p.m.

Sally’s Suppers are on music nights begin at 5 p.m. They include an entree, 2 sides, and biscuits or cornbread.

We look forward to having you join us for a great night of food, music, and some good old-fashioned bluegrass pickin’! Check our Events page for dates and times.

Meet the Pine Valley Boys Group

Live Music Schedule